Things I’m Adoring!

16 Dec

So, though there are many, here are just a few of the things I’ve been adoring lately.

1.2.3. to be exact.

Maybe you’ll love them too?

UNO: Music

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a nut about music- all music.  My IPod is known to be a little bi-polar and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Lately, I adore these few secular gems (and yes, I said secular, and yes, I’m a pastor’s wife. I have a passion for music from all genres that I inherited from the parentals, and well I do prefer to keep it clean, I don’t think God hates every song that’s not a worship song. So yeah, judge if you must, although I’d love you forever and ever with cherries on top if you didn’t.):

–          Josh Krajik’s Version of Hallelujah from X-Factor- just saw this last night. YES, please.

–          Bruno Marrs – It Will Rain

–          God Gave Me You– Blake Shelton

–          Jason Aldeen’s Dirt Road Anthem

–          And how about TLC’s Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls– old school I know, but who can beat it?

And I’ve also found a couple of new Christian music ventures that are too die for:

–          The Story Project (incredible for anyone who loves a variety of music styles and stories from scripture).  They’re actually streaming this live on December 17th at 7pm!

–          Hillsong’s New Christmas Song- Born is the King!

–          Casting Crown’s Version of my favorite Christmas song EVER!

–          Oh, and here’s a Kari Jobe that I always love for worship.

DOS: Liturgy (A New Liturgy to be exact)

Aaron Neiquest is married to one of my favorite authors, Shauna SameLastName.  I’m not sure how I missed the release of No 1, but No 2 just came out and oh my.  Watch the initial video here so you get the idea, then set some time aside- 25 minutes each to be exact.  Play this and then this.  Get some head phones, create some space by yourself and let God invade.  Doing devotions has always been a discipline war for me.  This helps bring that time alive. As a girl who grew out of Catholic soil, I value so much the lifting of words to Him- together as a body.  I didn’t know what it meant then, or why I always loved it, but I know now and the whole “progressive meets ancient” feel of this project is just incredible. Not too mention it’s saturated with anointing. First time I listened to it was at my desk with headphones on and I was undone.  Totally appropriate for the middle of a work day? I think so.

TRES: Christmas Shopping

I have a list indeed (maybe I’ll blog on that later), but more than receiving anything- I love shopping for people!  Giving gifts is such fun.  Although this year, I have to say that there is this small urge to not buy a single thing and send all of my money to starving babies overseas.  Once you’ve seen them (, it’s hard to escape their faces, especially at Christmas time.

Even though I see nothing wrong with partaking in our many blessings here in the states, I pray those gorgeous faces of need never do escape me. I think more than ever this year, this little urge has caused me to love sites like the ones below while I’m doing my Christmas shopping, so they had to go on this list.  Gifts that are relevant and amazingly cute, but that have a dual purpose?  Gifts that give back to the world?  Yep, that’s what I’m talking about.  If you’re still shopping around or if you just want to look at some fun stuff, check these out:

Trade As One- Here are a few of my favs from their site:

Tom’s Shoes-

For the record, I have always loved Tom’s mission; BUT I must confess, that I have not always loved their shoes.  Particularly when ALL they offered was “hipster, earthy, I made the rest of my outfit from wheat” type shoes.  Let’s face it, their shoes use to only match people who match skinny jeans, and sheesh- don’t get me started.  But now, they have these beauties- which I can totally get down with.

Oooooh and THESE!!! They’re not Tom’s, but cheers!

Thanks for reading my extremely enlightening, utterly transparent, and so super spiritual blog today!

If there’s anything you’ve been adoring lately, do tell.  I’d love to take a look.

Happy Friday!




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