Announcment: Expecting!

25 Feb

Announcement: WE’RE EXPECTING!

Nope- we are NOT preggers (though I’m sure I’m going to get asked for weeks by people who just read the title and didn’t make it this far- yikes).  Even though there’s no baby on the way (yet), we are indeed expecting… expecting great things from our new business and I just wanted to take a moment to share it with all of you.  Tada!

Isn’t it pretty?

Easy Expecting is something I have been dreaming about for years and it’s funny what a week or two off of work combined with a little time working with the fierceness that is Graphic Insight will do for a dream.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that it has launched and how hopeful I am about what it can bring to families in the Tampa Bay area and even nationally one day (big ideas, baby). 

In the maternity industry, just like any other industry, there are vendors who are great and some who are… well, not so great.  My experience as a doula throughout the years has introduced me to so many amazing providers in the area and I’ve been wanting for so long to develop a business platform that would bring us all together to one place.  Now we have it! Amazing, I tell you! So stinking amazing!

We’re offering 15 different service platforms that can cater to any level of maternity clientele, and we’ve even got a Maternity Concierge Service that will allow us to cover needs for families that might not fit into one of our service categories. 

Probably the service area I’m most excited about is the Pregnancy Loss Recovery Assistance area.  It’s been a dream of Justin and I’s to help other families in similar situation to ours ever since we lost our sweet Kingston.  Eventually, our goal is to launch a non-profit called Beautiful Grief that will take this whole recovery assistance process to another level, but in the meantime, Easy Expecting is giving us an avenue to work towards that.  We won’t be charging for these services and we’re so excited to be reaching out in this way.

Many of you blog loves of mine out there have walked through so much with us in relation to Kingston, ministry trials and more- thanks for that.  I would love to ask you to rejoice with us in this new and exciting season as we launch Easy Expecting and also to help us in a few simple ways:

1.       Visit our website and take a look around! (specifically read through some of the stuff on the services tab- we know you’ll love it).  Feel free to tell us what you think, we’d love to hear your feedback (and we really actually mean that- it would be a good confidence-booster and nerve-settler to know someone else is actually taking a peek at it)!

2.       Like us on Facebook, if you haven’t done so already, by clicking here.  If you’re on Twitter, you can find us there too!

3.       Spread the word for us.  This is so key to any small business having success and ours is no different.  Share our website on facebook or twitter by copying the website above and pasting it into your status update, email our website out to your friends, post us on your own blogs and mention us in your conversations.  Tell anyone you know who lives in Tampa and ESPECIALLY anyone you know who is pregnant.  Pretty, pretty please!  You won’t be disappointed that you introduced them to us, we promise!

4.       Help us with handouts.  We have beautiful brochures and business cards that are being placed in maternity stores, doctor’s offices and other similar businesses in the area.  If you’d like a few to hand out to people you come in contact with or you know of a business that we can place them at, please let us know by emailing me here and we’ll get them to you right away.

5.       Last but not least, lots and lots of prayers please.  We really believe in this and we believe in what it can do.  We’re praying for favor, blessing, wisdom, ordered steps and increase.  We’d love it if you’d agree with us in all of that!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Again, I’m beyond excited (seriously, giddy like a 5th grade girl at a Bieber concert, complete with clapping, blushing, jumping and screaming- it’s ridiculous, really… someone stop me)! 

Love to you all,

Suzie (& Justin)

PS- A huge thank you to all of our vendors who have already partnered with us and all of the business who have already agreed to promote us- we adore all of you and are looking forward to the future!  If you’re a vendor or you have a skill in one of our service areas listed on the website and you’d like to see about partnering with us, email me at  

PSS- A special big thanks to the home team: Joshy, Hubby, Sissy, Best Friendy, Mommy, Pastors, Mentors and anyone else who has been an encouragement throughout this dreaming and launching season!  You guys make me brave, and I love that… Smooches!


One Response to “Announcment: Expecting!”

  1. Michele Reeser March 11, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    Wow, Suzie! Your new website and the whole concept looks amazing! I wish there had been resources like this around when I was having babies! I know the Lord has already gone before you and blessed this endeavor and it will be a blessing to all who take part, too.

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