About Suzie? If you dare!

Why, hello there!

Thank you for stopping by. I love to read what other people write and if you are the same, I encourage you to stay awhile.

Getting to know me is a life long process that I’m still figuring out; but if you’re brave enough to try… then have at it!

Some basics I have managed to figure out about myself already:

I love God, I love life and I love people… especially those that God has destined to be close to my heart.  I’m passionate about seeing the emerging church become a reflection of Jesus, and nothing more. I feel for so long we’ve reflected theologies, men, religion, regulations, red tape and many things I beleive we just don’t need in order to know God.  I’m really about cutting some of that out and seeking simplicity. 

I’m all about questioning the rules, instead of simply stating them. 

I enjoy taking the limits off of thought, theology, religion and even relationship to see what we can become when we’re outside of man made boxes. 

I have an amazing husband who, along with Jesus, has loved me into who I am today.  He’s amazing and together, we want to change the world, everyday.  Small dreams, I know.  I also just found out that in December of 2010, we’ll have our first child… my, my.  I’m really looking forward to being a mom.  I also have an amazing group of friends who call me on my crap, love me inspite of my flaws and embrace my dreams.  I’ve learned over the years that not many people have that level of intimacy and transparency in their lives with others, so I’m grateful that I do!

At a youth camp one time, a great Pastor that I highly respect spoke of the different ways that people connect with God.  Out of the box ways… He stated that some sense God the minute they stand before an ocean or get into the woods… that others hear music of any kind and appreciate His presence in the creativity… and one of the ways that stuck out to me, was people who tend to feel God’s presence as they interact with others.   It is my desire that this blog be simply a conversation from me, to you, about Him.  I know I connect with Him as I converse with others or read their written thoughts… may the same be true for you!

Thanks again for stopping by…  please honestly share your thoughts and enjoy!

Mucho Amor,



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